About Hifiven.com
Hifiven.com is The TRUE Free Speech Social Media alternative to Facebook. Our platform is used by those who believe in free speech and you never have to worry about being censored or "jailed".

About Hifiven

Hifiven.com (a.k.a. Hifiven) is your alternative to the big social media platforms. We believe in the freedom of speech and we’re tired of being silenced by those who want to infringe and control those based solely on their political & religious beliefs; we know you are too. Hifiven.com was created for people like you and us to be able to say what we want without the fear of being “jailed” or censored.

What We ARE NOT:

We ARE NOT a multi-billion dollar company (but we wish that we were).

We ARE NOT a place for you to practice your cyberbully fetishes.

We ARE NOT a file hosting website:

If you have important files such as audio, video, or photos then we suggest that you keep them somewhere safe and not use a social media website as your primary storage.